Website Communities/Messageboards I belong to:

The Historical Writers Association Forum (open to guests!) 

The Victorian Wars Forum

The Crimean War Research Society

Thirty Years War website

Pike and Shot Society

Yahoo Groups - Renwars
The Word Cloud

Living History Worldwide 


Visit Living History Worldwide


For up-to-date information on EastEnders I'd really recommend the Walford Web. There are a number of soap sites out there, but this one is remarkably well-informed and the members are clearly passionate about the show.


Historical websites

There's a whole list of 17th century historical online resources on the Honour and the Sword website


Swords and Renaissance martial arts
Cut and Thrust Schoole of Defence
The Dawn Duellists
The Duellist
Sword Forum International 

Historical fiction and historical writers
Conn Iggulden
Bernard Cornwell

Michelle Lovric

Karen Maitland

Historical Novel Society

Royalty Free Fiction

Lovereading Historical Novels
Bookhugger Historical Fiction



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